Using ModioLegal's iPhone App

This article will provide an overview on how to use ModioLegal's iPhone App.

To download the FREE ModioLegal App, tap the following link from your iPhone:

To view a brief video demonstration of the App's key functionality, click here:, or you may read the following:
​Checking for Updates: Once you are logged on, you will be directed to your home page. To check for any updated content corresponding to your primary publication, tap the Modio logo in the upper left of the page. To check for updates on other publications associated with your account, tap the red arrow to the right of the publication title currently displayed, and select the desired publication. Once it displays, swipe down from the top of the list of files to check for any updated content. 
Selecting / Playing Files: To play a file, simply tap the text of the title you would like to listen to and it will start to play. Upon selecting a title, the full audio page for the selected file will open offering a variety of options and features. First, using the controls at the bottom of the screen, you can pause a file, use the forward and backward buttons to jump to the files immediately above or below the file playing, or go 30 seconds forward or backward in the file currently playing by pressing the corresponding 30 second buttons. 
Using the progress bar towards the top of the screen, you can also navigate throughout the entire file. 
​Adjusting The Player Speed: Once a file is selected and the full audio page displays, below the progress bar to the left, the speed button allows you to adjust the speed of the player to be slower or faster.
Accessing the Text Version of the Content: Once a file is selected and the full audio page displays, in the bottom right, there is a button labelled "Text" that you can press to go to the text version of the file currently playing.
Narrator Features: Once a file is selected and the full audio page displays, you can use the Meet the Narrator feature to connect with the law student who has narrated the file for you in hopes of gaining exposure to potential networking and employment opportunities, and use the Rate the Narrator feature, provide us with feedback on the narrators performance.
Collapsing / Re-Opening the Full Audio Page: To collapse the full audio page, tap the Modio icon in the upper left. This will take you back to the main page listing your file titles. Using the red bar that now appears at the bottom of your screen, you can pause/play the previously selected file, navigate 30 seconds forward or backward, or re-open the full audio page. To reopen the full audio page, simply tap the red bar. 
Red Dots: On the main pages, to the left of each file title, you will see a red dot; designating files that you have not already listened to. Once you start to play a file, the red dot will disappear.
Populating Your Playlist Using the Star Icon: To the right of each file title you will see the Star icon. Using Star icon, you can pre-select files you would like to listen to and play them in sequence without requiring any further navigation. To pre-select files, simply tap the Star icons corresponding to the files you would like to listen to, and they will change from unhighlighted to highlighted. Once you have starred all your desired files, navigate to your playlist by tapping the Playlist icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the first file, and your pre-selected files will play in sequence. This feature is helpful during multi-tasking activities that span longer than the length of one file such as commuting or going for a run. Note also that the playlist page tracks the number of files and how much time is in your playlist. If you know how long your multitasking activity will be, you can use this information to ensure that you deposit enough content in your playlist to span the length of your activity.
Downloading Files: To the right of each file title and below the Star icon, there is a gray arrow pointing down. Tap this icon to download the corresponding file to your phone. Once a file has been downloaded, you can listen to the file anywhere in the app without an internet connection and without using your data plan. To view the files you have downloaded, tap the Downloads icon at the bottom right of your screen. 

Auto-Download / Auto-Delete Feature: In addition to manually downloading individual files, the app offers you the ability to automatically download the most recent issue of your publications when your phone is connected to wifi. To set this option, navigate to your user profile in the upper right, then tap My Account. Here, in addition to turning the Auto-Download feature on and off, to prevent the downloads from accumulating, you can set the downloads to automatically delete after a specified period time. NOTE: when you delete files from downloads whether it be through the auto-delete feature or manually on the Downloads page, the app only deletes the corresponding files from your downloads. You can still access these files via streaming or manually download them again in the future. 
Listening Statistics: On the main User Profile page, immediately above the My Account option, is Listening Statistics which helps you to track how much more content you are consuming by virtue of the convenient audio format and how much time you are saving by using our service. 
Navigating to Other Publications: On the Home screen and Archives screen, towards the top of the screen to the right of the publication title currently displaying, there is a red arrow pointing down. Tap this button to navigate to other publications on your account. 

Prior Issues and Archives: To navigate to prior issues of a given publication, tap the Archive button at the bottom of the screen. This page will initially list the dates corresponding to the prior issues of the publication you selected on the home screen; however, you can also navigate to other publications on this page in a similar manner as the home page. Once an issue is selected, the app will display the corresponding list of files in a format, and with all the same features, as the Home page. To navigate back to the main archive page, tap the black arrow in the upper left. 
Remember, wherever you are on the app, you can tap the Modio icon in the upper left and go the most recent issue of your primary publication on your home screen.
If you have any comments or feedback about the interface, please send us an email at We welcome any feedback you have.

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