Adding ModioLegal to the Home Screen of Your Mobile Device

Add ModioLegal to the home screen of your mobile device for easy access to your subscriptions

Here's how:

For Android Phones
  • From your Android phone, log on to your ModioLegal account at using your Chrome browser.
  • Once you are logged on to your account, at the top of your screen, your browser will display three vertical dots. Tap this icon.
  • Once you tap this icon, several options will appear- select the option "Add to Home Screen"
  • Name the icon in the space provided; e.g. ModioLegal
  • To use the icon, simply open the icon on your home screen and you will navigate to your account
NOTE: On some phones, after following the instructions above, you may be taken to a page that says "Access Denied". If you tap the ModioLegal icon in the upper left of this page, you should still go to your account. If instead, you go to the login page asking for your username and password, your phone may have cached the login page or be set to block cookies on our website (most websites that require a sign in won't work if you do not allow cookies). While on our website in your Chrome browser, in the top right, tap the icon resembling 3 vertical dots, then select Settings. Under Advanced, tap Privacy and then Clear Browsing Data. Select All Time. Then under types of information you want removed, select Page You Visited and Cookies from a Website. Then Tap Clear Data. Then return to our website and again tap the icon resembling 3 vertical dots. Tap Site Settings, then Cookies. Ensure that Cookies are turned on. Now repeat the steps above for adding an icon to the home screen.

For iPhones

Download the ModioLegal App by tapping the following link on your iPhone: 

For a quick video demonstration of the App's key functionality, click here:

Thank you for subscribing to ModioLegal!

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