Changing or Setting Up Your Password

First-Time Users: When you first set up your account, you will be sent an email that contains a link to customize your password. Click on this link or copy and paste it into you browser, then follow the instructions to set up your password. 

Changing Your Password: To change your password, go to When you arrive on the site, press the "Request New Password" button.  Enter your email address/username in the space provided and hit the "Email new password" button. Access the corresponding email account and follow the instructions to update your password. 

Still Having Issues?

The most common issues encountered by users who are trying to reset their password are that they are already logged on to their account, so that when they access the reset password link in their email, it bypasses the page where you would change it, or when seeking to change the password on their mobile device, cookies on the phone cause the phone to bypass the same page. To address these issues, from your desktop, log out of your account first (go to and tap the Logout button in the upper right). When you logout of your account, you will be directed back to the landing page of our website asking for a username and password. Click the Request New Password button and then go to your email and access the Update Your Password link. Because we are now logged off, this will take you to a page with a black Login button. Click this button and you will be taken to a page to update your password. Please complete all of these steps from your desktop versus your mobile device. 


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