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This article will provide an overview on how to use our interface.
Updating Your List of Articles: ModioLegal's interface has been designed to be used primarily as an updating tool. Thus, when you arrive on the site, you can update the display to show the most recent circulation of articles corresponding to your primary subscription by tapping the ModioLegal logo in the upper left of the header. 

Selecting/Playing Articles: To play an article tap/double click the text of the article title and it will start to play. Using the controls in the player at the top of the screen, you can pause an article, use the forward/backward controls to jump to the article immediately following or before the article playing (article playing is highlighted in red), or go forward and backward in the article currently playing by accordingly tapping the progress bar of the article. You can also jump to any of the other articles displayed on the screen by scrolling and tapping the selected article. Once an article is done playing, the next article will automatically start playing. Note: The auto-lock feature on some mobile devices can disrupt the interface from automatically playing the next article. To avoid this, turn off the auto-lock feature on your mobile device or adjust the setting to a longer period of time.

Article Length: Accompanying each article title is the article length.

Red Dot: A red dot displays to the left of each article title you have not listened to yet. Once you play the article, the red dot for the corresponding article will disappear. 

Star Icon: Immediately to the right of each article title the is the Star icon. Use this feature to pre-select articles of interest before engaging in multi-tasking activities that require hands-free listening To pre-select articles, simply tap the Star icons corresponding to the articles you would like to listen to, and they will change from unhighlighted to highlighted. Once you have starred all your designated articles, navigate to your Starred Articles page using the Menu button which is fixed in the upper right of the header. Tap the first article, and your pre-selected articles will play in sequence without requiring any further navigation. This feature enables hands-free listening during multi-tasking activities that span longer than the length of one article.

Gray Circle Icon: Immediately below the Star icon for each article, there is a gray circle with an arrow in it. Tap this icon to go to the corresponding Article page. On this page, you will have access to either a text version of the entire article or a synopsis of the article and a link to the full text on the publisher's website. Additionally, but also very importantly, on each Article Page, you can access the LinkedIn profile and email address of the law student who has narrated the article for you in hopes of gaining exposure to the legal community and potential employment opportunities. 

Menu Button: Once back on the main display screen, the Menu button in the upper right of the header can be used to access the Starred Articles page mentioned earlier, other publications you are subscribed to, the All Publications page which provides an aggregation of the most recent circulation of articles for all your subscriptions, as well as content from previous issues of your subscriptions. 

ModioLegal Logo: Wherever you are on the interface, including the customer support pages, by pressing the ModioLegal logo at the top of the page, you will go back to the listing of articles corresponding to the most recent circulation of news for your primary publication. 

We hope this information is helpful. Please email us at support@modiolegal.com with any questions or feedback.

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